The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) shared the “Proud to Be” video that highlighted all the words Native peoples use to describe themselves. Not one of them was the R-word. Now, NCAI and ChangeTheMascot.org are collecting photos of people sharing what they are Proud to Be.

This photo project provides a way for Native people to share these words. Native people are encouraged to send in pictures of themselves holding signs with whatever it is that they are proud to be.

The project also provides a way for non-Native people to show their support. All non-Native people are asked to use the same language: #ProudToBe Standing With #NotYourMascot. This is a national movement of Americans across the country, Native and non-Native alike, who are standing against racism and demanding change.

Join us – share what you are #ProudToBe.


We are so many things but we are not your mascot.

By highlighting the beauty, talent, and diversity of Indian Country, we want to show the world all that it means to be American Indian or Alaska Native. Indian Country is modern, innovative, and alive. We have a rich history and are proud of our ancestors … but we are not simply lines in a history book. Native Americans are not caricatures, cartoons, or myths. We are part of your community.

We are Native peoples from across the country. We live in cities and on reservations. We are tribal leaders and community activists. We are parents and students. We are joined by many non-Native people. It isn’t just those of Native descent who find the use of Indian-themed mascots inappropriate or who find the casual use of the R-word slur reprehensible.

Racism is never acceptable. It’s time to change the mascot.

Click here to participate in this photo project.


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Watch the Proud To Be video: